Figuring out how to get Mom the birthday gift she has been asking for this year was not easy. For a while now, she keeps telling us she really wants a photo of all four of us with her, a true family photo. Being the oldest, it is up to me to figure out how to make it happen for her birthday which was Saturday.

The Photo Plan

It’s no surprise to hear Mom loves photos. She has more and more of her with one or two of us, but none with four. It’s too hard to go anywhere for a photo with us all. We thought about hiring a photographer or having a friend come and take a photo. None of these options really work because we need to take the photo when the lighting is right, and no neighbor kids or dogs are outside. Some of us get distracted easily so we need quiet. What could we do?

Being smart, I noticed our fancy camera has a timer function. Could we figure that out and get a photo of everyone all on our own? The answer is yes! We started early in the morning, everyone lined up. The timer gives us twenty seconds to get set and then it  takes nine photos, each three seconds apart. Everything looked perfect and then Nelson decided to walk away and then flop over. Yes, it is the first blooper.

Nelson and Olivia had to switch places. Of course, the little brother continued with his antics deciding to give Mom kisses. No one was looking at the camera either. The biggest drawback to the timer is there is no one behind the camera to get our attention.

Finally we are all lined up, waiting for the three seconds to pass and then we decide to look elsewhere. At least Mom has her focus right.

The Birthday Gift Winners

Amazingly, we only did two sets of photos, so eighteen photos in all. Out of those, two came out good and this is our second place finisher. It’s not bad, but Nelson is in his own world and Mom isn’t looking at the camera. Still, we like this one.

Now for the blue ribbon birthday shot of the day. Is it perfect? No, but, when you consider trying to get four dogs and a human to be in a portrait without a person behind the camera, we are amazed. The whole thing took less than ten minutes. No doubt we will give this timer thing a try again one of these days, but for now, the birthday gift is perfect! It is us, our silly family, and Mom is super happy to have a decent photo of us all together.

Mom had a great birthday, and we did have fun creating her gift together as a family, learning as we go. We are a crazy bunch, and we do like it that way. Cheers to our Grand Birthday Photo. Now to get it framed.

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