Hey! There’s a giant ladybug on the street in the midst of a residential area in Hopkins! Gramma told us about it, so we had to go and see it for ourselves. The guy who put it here does have a permit from the city to do so. He spent a day back in June with a few dozen people getting the bug drawn and painted.

The lady herself is right in the middle of the intersection, and each street has a huge leaf. Why paint this all on the road? The hope is that is gets drivers to slow down at intersections where they normally do not. Washington State has some of this kind of art to slow down cars at intersections.

It is hard to see from the road view, but there is something on the spot in the middle of the ladybug back. The artist proposed to his girlfriend on that very spot and painted a diamond ring there. When we stopped on Saturday morning we only saw two cars the whole time we were there. We were afraid there might be a lot of traffic, but I was able to get out into the road for that first shot, without any issues.

Fox9 News has an aerial view of the ladybug project that we have borrowed so you can get a good look. It is a fun idea, what do you think?

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