Little puppy Madison is turning seven years old next week. Today is the first day of my birthday week and I’m kicking off the week with puppy pics from my first year of life. Everyone tells me I’m so cute now, but oh my goodness, was I a cute puppy or what? It’s always fun going through the photo album, remembering how things were that first year.

This is me at eight weeks old. I left home the day I turned nine weeks old. My breeder says puppies learn a lot from their dog mom during that week. I have no idea about that, but I sure was cute at eight weeks. It’s funny because I am super thin, but looking at this photo, I would say I have always been pretty thin.

Mom drove the seven hours to get me all by herself. She could not wait to meet me, she says. Me, on the other paw, I was a bit apprehensive about leaving my dog mom. Isabeau is the only mom I had known my first nine weeks of life. I was hanging all over her because I really didn’t want to leave her. She told me everything would be alright, and you know, she was right about that.

I met my new mom and she was in love with me right away. Perhaps I will be spoiled rotten is what I was thinking at that time.

My sisters, Emma and Bailie, came out to meet me when I got to my new home. Mom wanted a family photo, but I was not having any of that. The other two didn’t understand why I wouldn’t pose like them for a photo.

I really enjoyed all the big and soft dog beds around the house. Nap time was ideal for testing out each and everyone of them.

Fall in Minnesota means leaves. Puppies love to run through leaves and play in them. I was no exception.

My first snow as a little puppy was a lot of fun. Bailie came out in the yard with me to make sure I had a good experience the first time.

When I was nine months old, I earned my first title, TD, for Tracking Dog. I’m proud to say I am still the only one in the family to pass my tracking test on the first try, and I did it is just under four minutes. Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my puppy pics.

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