Surprise! A very tender moment is about to happen. I know Madison’s birthday has been going on forever, but Mom caught me and Nelson having a special moment and she saved it for Awww Monday. The reason why I suddenly felt this love for my little brother is my own secret. I hope you enjoy it since Mom captured it on camera.

Out of the blue, I started to look at Nelson and smile. He is kind of a pest sometimes, but overall, I really like having the little guy in our family. Mom edited out Madison and Olivia to just focus on me and Nelson.

As we went nose to nose, Mom started to panic. Both of us love food. With food/crumbs in the area, she was not sure if kindness, or a scuffle was about to erupt. We have squabbled over food before.  She then realized I was not mad, I was happy.

Next I backed up my nose a little bit and put on another one of my nice smiles. Nelson seems to be a bit perplexed by my sudden closeness and kindness. He is really wanting the cake crumbs, a food motivated guy.

Being a special moment, I wanted it to last a bit longer. I stayed put and just looked at the little guy and admired him. He is super cute, handsome, and so very nice.

As quickly as the tender moment happened, it also ended. Mom is so happy she had her camera as she has never seen any of her dogs do such a thing before. Nelson and I are nine years apart, and he is the first guy in our house, so he is a special fellow. Hope you enjoyed our little, very tender moment!

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