For me new snow means get out there and start blazing trails, especially when it is fresh powder! Tuesday we had blizzard conditions – it was very cold, super windy, and snowing. This stuff doesn’t scare me! I could not wait to get out and race around!

As any good athlete knows, stretch before your work out. Many humans don’t know it, but dogs should stretch or be stretched before really exercising to help prevent injuries. I am not shy, and I stretch anywhere I find the space.

Next I became a headless snow hound. There may be a lot of fresh snow, but I can smell things under the snow. If I stick my whole head in the snow, maybe I will find something really good?

Now I am ready to really cruise around and blaze some fresh trails in the powder. Weeeee, here I go!

Rabbit? What rabbit? Did someone see a rabbit? I don’t see one?

I see leaves blowing over the top of the snow and I want to catch them. They bring out my hunting instinct as they look like little critters scampering over the pristine snow.

Sometimes I feel like a puppy again. Don’t you agree I have the puppy look in this photo? It makes Mom want a puppy again.

If you are wondering where my sisters are, they are inside. Those two are not as hearty as I am in the really cold weather, and for Madison the snow is pretty deep, so she gets cold faster. I’m taller and I seem to run non-stop which keeps me warm.

I sure had a lot of fun in the snow! Hopefully we will get another load or two before spring and summer come along. Snow is such a blast and it burns a lot of calories so I can eat more snacks!