Happy 4th of July! This year I decided not to make any special treats, but I do have plenty of Merrick Star Spangled Supper! Last year I served this tasty meal along with my own Patriotic Frozen Stars, but being our first holiday without Katie, I’m not feeling as festive.

Just looking at the can will make any dog drool a bit! Limited Edition Star Spangled Supper is made with beef, Yukon Gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, and bacon! I don’t know about you, but I always love beef, and bacon – over the top!

Have a look at the food in the bowl. You can see the chunks of meat and potatoes. I’m not a fan of sweet potatoes, but I gobbled these right down, no problem!

I had Bailie come out to help me with the taste testing. I figure two opinions are better than only one.

We kind of forgot our manners and focused on keeping our heads in our bowls to eat our Star Spangled Suppers! It was really good! The only complaint was the portion size Mom gave us…not big enough!

Star Spangled Supper is a Limited Edition Seasonal Recipe from Merrick. I speak for both Bailie and me when I say you need to seriously get your paws on some cans of this food! Every #bestdogever deserves their own portion!

Happy 4th of July from me and Bailie! You may notice we are sitting on opposite sides of the picnic blanket. We opted to leave the middle spot open as that was where Katie always sat. She may not be visible, but we could feel her presence with us. She loved Merrick wet food, maybe even more than Bailie and I do!