Today is all about kitties getting the perfect claws using a cat scratcher and nail trimmer. You did read this right, I have cat products to review and giveaway which is why cat bro Bert will be writing the post today. I tried the scratcher, but it was not my kind of thing. Tell all your kitty buddies to stop by and show Bert some support, and they can enter to win the giveaway too!

Emma was contacted by GoPets to review some cat and dog products. Since she knows nothing about good cat products, she asked me to help her out. GoPets has some great items for cats and dogs!

I’d like to first of all say, “meow”, to all the kitties out there! I’m really excited to interrupt my nap time to tell you about some great products Emma got for me to test drive!

Step one to perfect claws is the “big cheese” scratcher. I am a big fan of scratching posts, and usually have almost perfect claws without any human intervention. I loved this big cheese even before it was out of the wrapper. Please note, not only is it a great scratcher, it comes with a small bag of nip! I love nip!

Take note of the wedge shape. The ergonomic incline simulates the natural position for a cat to be in when scratching making it very comfortable to use.

I’m a pretty heavy user of these things, but another great feature of the wedge shape is we can just flip it over and use the other side when I wear out the first side! It’s also fun to play slip and slide on!

The “swiss cheese” holes are  lots of fun. I almost got my head stuck trying to get to the nip inside the hole! Your human can put toys or nip in there to play with, or two kitties might play hide and seek together through the holes.

Always beware if you have dogs in the house. Dogs may see you playing and attempt to take your scratcher away. I let Bailie know she was not welcome at my scratcher! She said she wasn’t real scared since I had just “filed” my nails on the big cheese wedge.

Look how much fun I have with this scratcher. I really love it and recommend it for kitties.

Step two for perfect claws is the nail clipper set for cats. I’m not a big fan of getting my nails trimmed, but I’m all for trimmers that are easy to use and fast. This clipper also comes with a file for filing claws if you need to.

In case you are new to trimming claws, this diagram is helpful. If you are afraid of cutting the quick, just make slow cuts to be on the safe side, and use the file to get close to the quick.

Even though I’m not thrilled about the trimming process, I do let Mom trim mine so I have perfect claws. These trimmers are stainless steel, have no slip handles, and are angled for easy use. Mom says she loves them and I was happy to be finished quickly.

Between the scratcher and the nail trimmer, any kitty can have perfect claws in a jiffy! GoPets is letting me give one lucky winner the same two items I have reviewed in this post. All you have to do is enter the giveaway widget below.